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Handcrafted with care

10% of profits are donated to planting native trees around the globe

Eco-Friendly Design

With sustainability at the core of our mission, each piece of jewellery is designed whilst considering how to  embed the influence of nature to warm our hearts on a brisk woodland walk or to overpower us with nurturing instincts for impacted species, all within timeless and elegant styles that glisten with personality. All our supplies are sourced from United Kingdom companies that carbon offset all deliveries and we are calculating every step we can take to lessen our footprint. With 10% of profits donated to planting trees and soon to be fundraising with multiple charities that share our passion for a protected planet, you are able to wear your jewellery with pride and confidence in its sustainability and positive impact on conservation projects worldwide.

Fancy crescent moon earrings
Malachite froggy earrings
Sausage dog earrings_edited
Aquamarine 20" necklace
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